*New* Chicago Rust Server Online 24/7

Server Start Date: 05/01/2019
Just wiped & updated: 06/07/2019
Next map wipe: 08/04/2019
Server IP:
Only solo, duo, trio and quadruple teams allowed! Any reports of larger teams = BAN

x1.8 gather Rate
Fun PvP/PvE Server
New players welcome!
Server map will wipe every 30 days or when it’s forced by the updates.
BP wipe every 90 Days
Please read and follow server rules!
Anti-Offline raid protection
Advanced gather
Clan Team

Advanced Gather Plugin info:
Can get apples with chance by wood cutting.
Can get berry with chance by pick up hemp.
Can get bio-fuel (low-grade fuel) with chance by pick up corn and pumpkin.
Can get more by planting them and growing them.

Anti-Offline Raid Protection info:

/ao "PlayerName" — Check the Anti Offline Raid status of any active or sleeping player

There is a cool down of 30 minutes before damage reductions will apply. Meaning players may not necessarily prevent a raid by going offline.
Going AFK for more than 10 minutes is the same as going offline.
Anti-Offline Raid determines who owns a structure based on who built it.
First 30 minutes offline – 100% damage
Between 10 and 60 minutes offline – 0% damage
Between 1 and 3 hours offline – 15% damage
Between 3 and 6 hours offline – 25% damage
Between 6 and 12 hours offline – 30% damage
Between 12 and 48 hours offline – 40% damage
After 48 hours offline – 100% damage
Backup Plugin info:
 /backpack  — open your own backpack
Drops on death!

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